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Robert Schlaug


teacher and photographer
starting with sports photography
since 1980, collector of historic photographs of his hometown, building up an extensive archive of reproductions
1982 first exhibition "Im Rückspiegel der Erinnerung"
1984 first book “Spalt – Hopfenstadt an der Rezat”
1984 – 2009 periodically photo exhibitions about the issues "historical town photographs", "changes in the townscape" and “heritage and preservation of an old town”
2002 realignment of his photographic activities
2003 founder and curator of the photo gallery “Schlenzgerhaus” (2003-2009)
since 2012 offering his work on the international art market

Solo exhibitions since 2002:

2004 “Liebe zum Detail”, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2004 „Berliner Architektur-Kontraste“, kulturbahnhof, spalt
2005 „…allerlei Bäume…“, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2005 „Vier spanische Frauenportraits“, “, kulturbahnhof, spalt
2005 „Hopfengärten“, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2006 „Spalter Hopfenland – Schönheit einer vergehenden Kulturlandschaft“, deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach
2007 „Spanische Strassenlandschaften“, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2007 „Fertiggaragen“, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2008/09 „auf den zweiten Blick“, schlenzgerhaus gallery, spalt
2010 „SPALT ZWANZIG ZEHN“, aula der volksschule spalt

Group exhibitions:

2013 Photo Exhibition Tour of Licher Brewery, starting at Gießen, Germany, February 13th - March 4th;          Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark, Neu-Anspach, March 10th - May 26th
2013 Foto-Stop Magazine, February-Edition, "Juxtaposition"
2012 “The Top 100 Exhibition”, the perfect exposure gallery, los angeles
2012 “Open Walls”, black box gallery, portland, Oregon


1984 "Spalt – Hopfenstadt an der Rezat“
2002 „Die Spalter Hauptstraße“, (co-author Herbert Hartmann)
2004 "Spalt - Historische Photographien 1860 – 1918“, (co-author Herbert Hartmann)
2009 "Spalt - damals und heute"
2010 „SPALT ZWANZIG ZEHN“, exhibition catalogue
Fotojahrbuch 2008
Fotojahrbuch 2009
Fotojahrbuch 2010
Fotojahrbuch 2011
Fotojahrbuch 2012
Fotojahrbuch 2013
2013 black and white
2013 blurred sea
2013 limited area